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    Is it possible to cut and paste text that you view in avantgo? I haven't seen any programs that would allow this. Does anyone know of any hacks? I also wonder if you couldn't use some type of doc reader, but it seems that the files are compacted after you leave avantgo on your visor.

    thanks in advance

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    No option to copy/paste that I'm aware of. I have a couple of less-than-elegant solutions that work for small amounts of info.

    I use ScreenShot Hack to capture the screens and then use the utility to to open them as .bmp files - you can fiddle with them a bit and then print them.

    I also use popup note - I have a memo called avantgo - it works if all I want to do is make note of a web address where I can go print the full article.
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    Not at this time. I remember seeing somewhere that they plan to add that feature.

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    Thanks Guys!

    I'll try screenshot hack for now.


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