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    I have chatter up and running...sending recieving sync'ing. However when i send an name isn't in the "from" field. I put my name in the edit mailbox--> Other-->Edit SMTP-->Full Name field but its not showing up in my e-mails...the "reply to" is filled out and working fine. whats up? Thanks.
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    Is there a "return address"?
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    If i stick my e-mail address in the "return address" field, i can't send e-mails. The treo sends it but it doesn't reach its destination. What is the "return address" for? Isn't that the reply to address?
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    The return address is required for proper sending. It ends up in the "from" field. I don't know what you mean about not being able to send emails. You'd have to send me a log showing what happens.

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    Ok i just sent you a log, but it actually did reach the e-mail address i sent it to. I had previously been testing it by sending it to the same address that it is sync'ing to and smtp is set to. If i sent it to edited) with the return address field as would never receive it at my mailbox at But if i removed that address from the return address field it would work, but there wouldn't be a from field.
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    I responded to you that the message in the log was sent properly... So is there a problem??


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