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    Can anyone tell me what the file S7 BG Log 1 is related to and why its so damn huge (4349K)?
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    I am guessing it has to do with Sprint Business Connect.
    (The unbranded product is called Seven, or something.)
    Can anyone confirm this?
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    It is involved with SprintBC or Seven. Try launching the program and choosing "purge attachments" and see if that does anything. If not, try Reset All Data. If that still doesn't reduce the size, remove and add the application. For reference, my file is below 50k
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    Thanks. With your <50K file size how many messages are you "fetching" within BC? Also, any idea of what the Reset All Data does? When you select it it says it will overwrite all data on the handheld with the desktop -- is that just for email or the whole device?
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    I fetch 25 messages or so. Not many. Reset all data does not delete the data on your device, but just the data inside BC. It will recreate it the next time you sync.
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    Tried the Reset All. No change in file size. In fact, when all the data was gone from BC the file was still the same size. I will try to change the number of emails I fetch (75) and see if that reduces the file size. It has never been this big before.
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    Well, that didn't work either. Switched to 50 messages and the log file is still the same. Hmmmm. . . .
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    Like KRamsauer, I also fetch 25 messages. My S7 BG Log 1 is 78k.

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    OK. I deleted the file and so far no bad consequences. I'll see if it comes back with a hotsync.
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    That is just a log file that for Seven..aka business connection. I don't know how much it grows to before recycling. You should be able to delete it without any problems. The business connection will create a new version. I'll see if I can find out how big it will grow to.

    If you want to look at any of the s7 can view the synched version in your backup directory using Wordpad.
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    After Hotsync the file is 6k. No noticeable difference in anything else about BC.
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    Where do you go to delete these log files? I have a Treo 650, and when I try to go into Delete, I do not see these files listed under Phone or my SD card. I've been getting info that these files are corrupted when I try to back up my phone from BackupBuddy VFS.


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