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    Hello all,

    Having problems syncing my outlook contacts to my palm treo 600. Everytime I would sync, it would duplicate all my contacts. So if I sync my palm 6 times, it will duplicate it 6 times. Is there a configuration setting or anything to resolve this? It would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!
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    Anyone please? Because this for me is frustrating. Your responses will be greatly appreciate!!!!
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    What software are you using to sync the contacts? Does it have an option for DT overwrites handheld? If so, remove the duplicates out of Outlook and do a one time Destkop overwrites handheld. After that the sync should be fixed - no?
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    Thanks for replying Dang! The software i'm using is HotSync. Don't know if it has an option that overwrites handheld...i'll go see. Outlook doesn't have any duplicates of names, its the PDA that produces duplicates.
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    I had similar problems when i first started using outlook. i believe i resolved it by manually cleaning up outlook, so that there's just one occurance of each contact. then manually deleting all contacts from handheld. then syncing worked. try that. you also might want to down load and install the chapura conduit for syncing outlook and your treo. presumably it provides better functionality. good luck and happy holidays.
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    Where can i download the chapura conduit "catlook"?
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    palmone website says this:

    Palm or Pocketmirror Conduits?
    Depending on your device, you might be synchronizing with Outlook using the Palm Outlook Conduits, or PocketMirror conduits from Chapura. Both of these types of conduits are installed and activated when you run the CD-ROM that came with your device. Learn more about Outlook Conduits here:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(25263)

    note: check your pc desktop. if you see an icon labeled "chapura settings", you already have it. if not, check your treo cd.
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    Generally, Chapura Pocket Mirror won't do this, but for reasons I have never been able to discover, Intellisync does, along with other Puma products. I use Undupe to help clear up the problem.
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    Undupe? Is that a freeware software?

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