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    I'm considering getting the unlocked Treo 650 GSM version from Palmone when it becomes available. My only concern is that if I buy the unlocked version, I'll miss out getting the native software that the carrier includes in their branded model, for example, software that T-Mobile would create for use on their network.

    Can anyone give me some advantages and disadvantages of both options?

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    Warranty basically: If you buy directly from PalmOne you will have to call them in India to get support and such

    If you bought it thru T-Mobile: T-Mobile would take care of the warranty, barring it is in their duration policy, and would do what was necessary.

    Myself i am hopping that Rogers gets the Treo 650. I prefer to have my carrier support the phone and such in the event of warranty issue. Even though as well, it is rumored that for the GSM model it will be plug in play, for the data settings and what not..i would still feel comfortable getting it from my friends store (give her some comission).

    But alas if its not such the case as to rogers carrying the device, i will hope that palmone canada will release the direct buy option to us...
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    Is there any significant software that the carrier adds to the treo ROM that is specific to their network? If I bought the Palmone unlocked version, is there a way I could upgrade the ROM to include the software for T-mobile?
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    Why not just buy the Palmone version? What does t-mobile put on it for software? Anybody?
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    quiet you

    why would a carrier want to put on their have the unit be pre-programmed so that the user can put his/her sim in the machine and work.

    Furthermore, the marketing as well...if someone sees a cool gadget and see its supported by this provider...tom may tell **** who might as well tell harry
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    For the Treo 600, all T-Mobile did was lock it to their network. They didn't add anything.

    The Treo (at least the 600, we won't know until the 650 appears) is different than other smartphones as far as carrier settings are concerned. When you put your sim in, it will show the correct carrier presets for their data networks by default. You can of course add your own.

    In my view, there is no advantage for the carrier version except to save money. Last time there was a lot of F.U.D. spread about "optimizing" for the carrier's network. I tried Cingular, T-Mobile, and generic Treo 600s on T-Mobile and there was NO difference in voice or data speed between them at all.
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