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    Has anyone found an app that will enable voice recording, i.e. voice memos, on a 650? The photo email app allows you to attach an audio clip, so it's got to be a close cousin to that.
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    I suggest SoundRec. It's working for me:
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    You can also use the Voice Memo application that was included on the Tungsten handhelds. The thread is
    here. You will need to install two files, they are both on that thread. You can just hotsync them normally.

    I installed these files, and they have been working fine for me as a free alternative to the 3rd-party voice recorders.

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    I also found mVoice at and gave it a try. A nice app that even includes one-button recording and records in a format that Windows Media Player can handle, but I'm not willing to pay $25 until I've tried any others.
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    mVoice and Audacity are the best. Audacity gives the best quality, but mVoice has true one touch voice memo
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    Sound Rec crashes when trying to use the record to SD card, which is too bad because I really liked it for my T600.
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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