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    With so many usernames and passwords needed by everyone I was wondering if some can reccommend a good software for keeping such on my visor.

    If this has already been hashed out here then please just post the url. Thanks.
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    I'm using Strip. You can setup a category list (ie. Credit Cards, Internet passwords, anything else you want to be secured). Under each category you can specify multiple accounts (it can even generate passwords if you want it to). And best of all it's free!!

    Rick Bailey
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    I looked at a bunch of applications and the one that I ended up with is Cryptinfo. I liked the interface better than Strip, although Strip is also excellent (and free). CryptInfo is $12.95 shareware. Keep in mind that there are several apps out there that do NOT encrypt your data which can be really bad if you lose the device!
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    Thnaks everyone, I will check both of them out. Thanks for sending me in the right direction.
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    SECUREMEMO--This is a free encryption utility that works nicely with the memopad. I keep a list of all my passwords on a memo created using securememo. Memos secured with this utility are encrypted with the ARC4 stream cipher with a 128 bit key. I'm not familar with the products listed in the posts above, although some other products are subject to criticism by security experts because they do not share what encryption method is used (and therefore no one knows how thoroughly it has been tested). Certicom's declaration that it uses ARC4 which has been subjected to testing in the encryption community has led some to believe that it is the best product available. Securemem is available at (registration, which is free, is required).

    Alpha Texana

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    A word of caution. How well do you know any of these developers? No. I'm not suggesting that anyone in particular is a crook; but it sure looks like there is an opportunity here for some mischief.

    Further, how much scrutiny has any of these security apps undergone? While it is no guarantee, it would help if they would at least post their source code! I've only noted one developer that does this.

    While these objections can be leveled at the big dogs of the PC world, at least there are concerned users who are always banging on their products. When they find something, we all get to read about it; and apply the vendor's fix - usually in a matter of days. There is absolutely no evidence of this process going on here in Palm land.

    So while I use a security app, I'm only risking info that, if compromised, would inconvenience me. I'm not risking anything more than that.

    To finish on a lighter, Dilbertian note:
    How much do you want to bet that the Pointy Haired Boss, with his expensive new Palm VII, has his usernames and passwords in a memo entry entitled, "Me"? Oh! I forgot, and the entry is not even flagged as private!
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    Re: security of these products --

    Strip comes with source code. But I found its user interface really clunky.

    You can also check out GNU Keyring. It's a secure password app that also comes with source code:

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    Thanks for the info on GNU Keyring. Note that the GNU Keyring webpage includes a section entitled, "Security Information" that highlights some vulnerabilities that are built into the Palm OS and the Visor/PC (or Mac) interface system (conduits and info storage on the PC or Mac).

    There is a particularly telling paragraph that begins: "You should only Hotsync to trusted computers." Translated, if you lose your Visor, you may be SOL - even if you use an effective Palm security app (like GNU Keyring should be when it gets out of BETA).

    What does all this mean? If you must store critical info on your Visor, consider changing your accounts, PINs and passwords should you ever lose the Visor (even if you eventually get it back, and all appears fine). You'll also want to do this if a PC or Mac that you hotsync with is compromised.

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    I use Secret! to keep track of my many usernames and passwords.

    It's basically just an ultra-secure memo. You can enter your information in any format you like, and it's secured with a password.
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    I use MemoSafe, which works fine for me. It encrypts the data with a password. Is it C2 secure? I doubt it. Do I care? Not really. The info is safe enough, and if someone wants to get your credit card number that badly, there would be much easier ways.

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