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    Hi everybody. I just recently bought a Treo 600 for someone as a gift and I need a good backup utility that they can use. I need it to be very reliable and VERY easy to use. I just need a name of the program so I can download it for them and install it.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help.
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    At this point there are so many backup programs and each one of us will swear that the one we use is the best.

    On my 600, I use MegaCom and Right Back Up.
    Mega will always be my first choice because it is also a wonderful file manager as well.

    It wouldnt be fair to expect you to do a search for "backups" on this forum because you'll get pages and pages of "backup" that might not necessarily be what you are looking for.
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    BackupMan gets my vote. Very easy to use and very reliable. Inexpensive to boot. I'm still using it with my 15 month old T600. Good luck.
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    Gotta agree on Backup Man. Very simple. Easy. No brainer. Set it to do auto backups once a day, and I never have to think about it again.
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    Backup Buddy VFS is also very easy to use IMO
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    I also use Backup Man on my T600. Just have a scheduled backup at 2AM everyday and keep 3 backup sets on it.....saved my **** on more than one occasion.
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    Yes, Backupbuddy is pretty easy to use. I prefer it since it does file backups. The good thing about file backups is that when you do a restore after a hard reset, you don't pick up corrupted data/cache that may have existed on your device. Also, you can perform selective restores.

    However, file backups mean that the initial backup is slow. Subsequent backups only affect changed files so they are very speedy. The one negative with BB VFS is that it doesn't automatically retain older backups. This means that if you have a bad backup, you have a problem. I've never had a bad backup in the many years of using the product. I've had a bad file occasionally but you can just skip that file and keep going.

    Some of the other backup utilities do image backups. Image backups are fast. Most of those utilities save multiple images automatically which can come in handy if one image is bad.

    When something causes a hard reset, I've had image backups not work well because the restores often bring over the corruption that caused the hard reset. If I can successfully restore from an image, I usually will backup everything (file by file) after the restore, hard reset, and restore again.

    Yes, this a very geeky post.
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    BackupBuddy VFS is excellent. With all the problems I have with faulty Treo 600 ( Iam on #5). The BackupBuddy has saved me everytime. Quite cheap and I have used it previously on my Palm m515 too.
    Try it!!
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    How does incremental backup in BackBuddyVFS work? Everytime I backup it seems to do a full one.
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    BBBVFS only backs up the changed files. It will touch every file to see if it should be backed up.

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