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    When I am on the road (which is quite a bit) I run realtime stock quote software called MidCast on my T600. However, when I'm home but away from my desktop, I run MidCast on my iPaq hx4700via WiFi because it has a bigger screen and frees up the T600 for incoming calls..
    Lets say I wanted to use the T650 to connect the iPaq to the internet(via Bluetooth) to run MidCast. When a call comes in does it shoot straight to voicemail or can I see that a call is coming in?
    Any help is appreciated-
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    It goes straight to voicemail
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    If receiving call while tetherd is important try PDAnet. I have been using it and get most of my calls.
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    Three nice things about PDANet:

    1) It does not block calls. If network is not busy at the moment, Treo will ring. If it is busy, then it'll pop up like "a new voice message".
    2) Fast, the fastest connection you can get.
    3) Easy to install and use.

    The bad thing: $36, each and every time for a new Treo.
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    Another bad thing: PDANet doesn't support Mac.

    Which doesn't make sense, really, since setting up DUN for the Treo and a Mac is way easier than setting it up for Windows.

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