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    I encoded an episode of a hour long TV show recently and for some reason everytime I try to hotsync it the hotsync says it loses connection. I am using full versions of the Kinoma software to encode and to play, but even if I use card export (which works to get the file on the card easily and quickly, I cant figure out how to play a video file on the Treo 650 with Kinoma or anything else without actually using hotsync. So my questions are as follows.

    1. Why would my hotsync (usb connection) be failing to install the 91mb file to the card.
    2. Can you simply put a video file on the SD card with Card Export or a reader and play it with Kinoma.

    Thanks in advance for the quick and helpful response!

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    I use kinoma also to play and encode my movies... The best way to do it is get a card reader.. they are inexpensive and they work well. when you get the card reader a folder will pop up with a couple of other folders inside. you will see a folder named palm and inside that folder will be another named launcher which will be the folder that you want to copy your movies into so that the kinoma player will find the video when trying to playback on the treo. hope this helps... works fine for me.
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