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    Last night I installed the lastest Chatter install on my sister's 600. For reference it was version 1.0b17. I posted some of the issues I had initially in the 1.0b17 sticky post, but I wanted to follow-up with some specific questions.

    1. Purging Default Folderlist
    First has to do with folders. Right now I see the inbox I set up for my sister at the top of the screen, along with the server folders I subscribed her to (sent, trash, and draft). However, I also see other folders and can't figure out how to get rid of them.

    I don't have it in front of me, but these include "IMmail" (or something like that... it starts with IM), "Treo Sent", etc. Is there a way to get rid of all these default folders so that only her folders are shown?

    In the case of the "IMMail" folder (which is a top level folder, the same level as her IMAP inbox) one of her subscribed folders actually shows up underneath this entry, making it appear to be a subfolder of IMmail and not her Inbox. Why is this happening?

    2. Constant Vibrations/Alerts
    Next I was interested in finding out how to keep the phone from vibrating in teh event of each and every state change. Right now I have her Chatter set to place a copy of all sent items to the IMAP sent folder. However, whenever she sends mail the Treo vibrates now.

    Is this because of the change on the server to teh sent folder, and the treo synching what it did from the server? Seems like a roundabout way to do it... am I missing something? Is there a way to have the Treo ONLY vibrate when it receives new mail? Maybe only when it receives new, unopened mail specifically?

    3. Deleted items not sent to trash
    I initially didn't explicitly set-up her Chatter install to do anything when she deleted emails. However, I couldn't find a "Trash" on the device and deleted items didn't appear anywhere after I clicked the "X" in the message window. This led me to conclude that Chatter just outright tosses messages you X, which makes me nervous in its simplicity.

    To insure there is some kind of check on deletion since it propogates) I copied these items to the Deleted items folder in the Mailbox settings. However, now I have another problem... namely that she can't actually delete anything from the Treo. In fact, when she initially deletes a message it isn't actually in INBOX.trash; rather, it will sometimes show-up, but only after the device synchronizes with teh server.

    First, is there a command I'm missing for emptying the trash folder from Chatter and having it propogate to the server? Second, why does Chatter not institute the changes locally first? It seems to send the change to the server, then download the change itself... isn't this contrary to how IMAP is supposed to work, namely that the most recent state should trump a less recent state and propogate across all systems?

    Any information anyone can provide is appreciated. Aside from some bumps in teh road I think Chatter is a great program, and I can't communicate how happy I was when each of my IMAP tests on teh device came up roses... seeing the "read" state change propogated to the server when I read my test message in Chatter almost made me cry.

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