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    i lost the CD which has the software to install on the PC -- allowing syncing with the computer. any suggestions? It's not downloadable from their site.
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    It *is* downloadable off their site, however there are no links. I called customer support and this is the URL they gave me, which worked as of just now:

    "Need to download the Palm Desktop and other software items for your Visor? Select the Visor software for either Mac or PC. (These are the exact same files as on the "Getting Started" CD.)

    Visor Software for the PC: Handspring.exe (size: 8.9 MB)
    Visor Software for the Mac: Handspring.sea (size: 13.3MB)
    Once you have downloaded the files to your desktop, double click the self-extracting files and follow the prompts for installation. "
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