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    Does anyone have the Jabra A210 for non-bt phones
    Can you use any bluetooth headset or can you only use jabra bluetooth headsets
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    You can use any bluetooth headset
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg
    You can use any bluetooth headset
    are you positive?
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    Positive! I have used the moto 810 and 820 with the A210. Because the dongle uses bluetooth 1.2, you might as well get a headset that also uses bluetooth 1.2 they have a better sound quality than 1.1. (but you can have any combination of 1.2 and 1.1)
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    thanks sxtg
    im looking at the moto 810 and 820. What do you recommend I get? Which one sounds better. and which one's easier to use as far as connecting calls Also, do both or any of them ring in the headset when you have an incoming call

    THanks very very much!
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    When paired to the A210 they both function about the same. They both ring and connect time is almost instant. I like the 820 better. It sounds a little better because the A210 and the 820 are both ver1.2, and they are less effected by wireless routers.
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    alright thanks
    one last question...which one will be less affected by my linksys wireless router the 820?
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    thanks very very much!!!!

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