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    I am in real need of a keyboard locking application. My "Nutshell" beltclip case is very new and snug which then slightly depresses one or more of the keys on the keyboard when the T650 is securely in the case. When an incoming call comes in the phone won't ring and I miss all of my calls. It works correctly when it's not in the case, but of course that defeats the purpose...
    Is there a T650 COMPATIBLE "keyboard locking" application that will solve this dilemma? I read DAAK was very successful for the T600, but I can't find anything addressing the T650 with this problem or whether DAAK is compatible for the T650...
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    DAAK is absolutely NOT compatible with the Treo650. I wrote DAAK, and I don't recommend that anyone use it anymore. At the time, it was the only way to disable keys when the phone was ringing, and it was most certainly a hack (though it worked fine).

    There are a number of non-hack software solutions now, though I don't know which ones work with the 650 (I still have a GSM 600). I use TreoGuard.

    Bill S

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