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    Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know about a nice handsfree setup I now have in my car. I purchased a Monster FM Transmitter from Best Buy and plugged it into my Treo 650 via the headphone adapter which converts the Treo 650's jack into a regular headphone jack. I have used other transmitters but found them to have a lot of interference, cracking and popping here in Dallas with all of the airwave traffic. I programmed my stereo presets to include one of the relatively broadcast-free stations to which the Monster unit can broadcast. The Monster transmitter plugs into my cigarette lighter for power. Now, I can play MP3's via Realplayer or Ptunes through my car speakers. In addition, when a call comes in it stops the music and the phone rings. I can then answer it and begin using it as a handsfree phone using the 650's built in mic(sound quality is quite good on the other end per multiple reports) and the other person's voice comes through the car speakers. It works very well and I tihink the entire price was around $60 for the Monster FM Transmitter and $6 for the Treo headphone adapter plug. Very cool! By the way, the phone rests on my center console between my emergency brake and the storage compartment(2004 BMW 530). I'm sure some of the car cradle-type holders would work too.
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    I just plug the jack for my XM car kit into the 600 headphone adaptor, Easy as pie. I havent used it with the speaker phone, though. I was thinking about getting a jack splitter, the kind that lets you plug two sets of headphones in, and then plugging the xm into one and my headset into the other. If it works, i will let you all know.
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    Do you have a picture of your setup?

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    Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know about a nice handsfree setup I now have in my car.
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    I have the same setup but I use SIIG Wireless Audio Link. Here is a reveiw of it on Treonauts FM Wireless Link

    It has worked great for me so far and I found mine on ebay for $20 and that included shipping.

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