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    i bought an unlocked treo 600 on ebay.when i turn on the wireless,i have t-mobile,i get an at&t wireless there any way to get rid of the at&t screen??thanks.
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    I got unlock software from a guy on ebay. fast delevery, good instructions. Update gor rid of At&t screen for treo screen. email me an I can send file to you.
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    I alos bought an unlocked phone on Ebay. It has arrived, and my Cingualr SIM works fine in it. When I hot synced it with my old Treo600 setup (from when I had a Sprint Treo600), my phone now displays the Sprint startup screen, but it still works fine on Cingular.

    My big problem/question is when I used this same SIM in my iMAte PDA2K, I could get the network selection menu just fine, in the Treo I do not get the network selection menu. Is there a way to fix this?

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