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    Anyone have experience with either database?

    I want to create a relational database for my husband's patients/surgical procedures at the hospital. I know there is also shareware utilizing these database programs that can do this. Are any worth paying for?
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    I have used (and registered) both of these in the last year and have settled on ThinkDB as the better of the two for a couple of reasons. First, while they are both quite easy to use, ThinkDB has the added benefit of designing a more useful form for each database and allows quite a bit of choice in how it looks. Second, and more importantly, ThinkDB comes with a PC-based program that allows you to use and edit your databases on the PC and also allows you to import/export data to and from Access. I think it is a real bargain for the $20 I paid for it. I am in the process of changing my HandDBase files over to Think DB. Hope that helps.
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    I agree with scott.

    I've found ThinkDB to be an incredibly powerful data base. In fact, I keep wondering how Armondo (the author) manages to cram all the functionality he does into such a (relatively) small program.

    The ability to definite and use the filters (on the fly) is what makes the program very useful. Of course, the desktop program is great, we pull in a lot of data from Access data bases that we use on our Visors.

    -- Michael
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    I agree, the forms feature makes data entry in ThinkDB a lot easier than in HanDBase. However, could other users comment if it is possible to enter more than one item in each field (eg. a list of medications or a set of lab results). I can do this on HanDBase but have not been able to do so in ThinkDB.
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    For those of us who have to produce apps for less than tech savvy, does ThinkDB include an OCX control or a command line converter (two way)?

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