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    Just received my Blue Frost Boxwave case with no clip that I ordered via Amazon. So far it's great.

    My minor complaints:
    -The case on the sides of the keyboard is a bit too close and makes you have to work to hit the buttons on the edge.
    -You have to kinda slide the case around for the plastic to fit perfectly on the phone.
    -No slot for the GSM card, you have to take the top of the case off to access it, another cut would have been nice.
    - Have to take the whole case off to reset - not their fault really, but still an issue.
    - The nav area seems to be a little touchy, as I sometimes hit the left arrow and wind up hitting the home button instead.

    Again, this is probably just my fat fingers (well not really) needing some fine tuning to the positions.

    I like that their logo is in the same location as the palm logo, so it becomes like a Sportsflic, one view it's palm logo, one view its boxwaves.

    Can someone explain these screen protectors from them to me? Are they just a clear sticky like the ones palm offer, or do they actually give your screen some sort of breakage protection?
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    I have the case - it works well. The "strip" over the buttons don't affect usability at all. The material is a little "grippy" making it a little difficult to slip out of a pocket but definitely decreasing my odds of dropping the phone. Haven't used the belt clip yet.

    So far, so good.
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    Question: With the FlexiSkin on will the Treo fit in PalmOne's side case? I like to have the Treo on my belt and am happy with the side case but I need something that will protect the Treo when it's in my clumsy hands
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    Quote Originally Posted by frankthetoad
    Question: With the FlexiSkin on will the Treo fit in PalmOne's side case? I like to have the Treo on my belt and am happy with the side case but I need something that will protect the Treo when it's in my clumsy hands
    I'm using the side case for the 600 (don't know if it's different in size than the 650 version). The 650 with the FlexiSkin on fits, but it's very snug. You need to hold back the side case while getting the treo out of it. Otherwise, you are pulling everything off your belt.
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    Ok, so I guess this boxwave case is the same as the one sold here at TreoCentral. Strange that the one at TreoCentral is only $19.95 vs. 34.95 (29.95 on sale) at Boxwave. What's the scoop? Is the case just resold by TreoCentral or does TreoCentral has it's own manufacturer?

    In any case, I got the one from TreoCentral about a week ago and so far I like it. Here is my review of the case.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm here to announce the new, reduced prices of the Treo 650 FlexiSkins:

    FlexiSkins without belt clip: from $29.95 to $18.95!
    FlexiSkins with belt clip: from $29.95 to $25.95!

    The price of related bundles have also been reduced!

    Please check it out here: FlexiSkin for Treo 650

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    Does anyone know if this skin can be used in conjunction with a Seidio holster. I want something along the vein of the Speck skin/holster unit, but the lousy review scares me away.
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    No. It will not work with the Seidio Holster. In fact, even a treo 650 with egrips cannot fit the Seidio Holster.
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    Anyone using a skin case on their 650 with a Nutshell? I know that one of the Nutshell cases (the 201) is supposed to fit with the Boxwave skin -- unlike the Nutshell that was actually designed for the 650. One thing that concerns me about this is that the 201 is shorter than the Nutshell designed for the 650 - if anyone is using the skin/201 combo, do you find that the Nutshell is really tall enough to give good protection at the top of your Treo?

    Also, do other skin cases besides the Boxwave work with the Nutshell 201?

    Anyone with thoughts on skin cases and Nutshells, please comment on what you like or don't about this combo!

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    I just got on these Boxwave flexiskins and it has a nice clean fit, buttons are easy to use the only gripe I have is what's with the extra cut outs on the back, is that for cooling purposes or something ? I think I could of lived without the extra cutouts. It makes the phone a tad bit wider but you gotta love the grippy feel, especially against your face when it's 20 degrees out, there's nothing worst then having to put cold metal against your face to make a call.
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    yeah if you could fasion a screw that would allow for the "clicking" type belt clips that would rock! Instead of a free spinning post one that "locks" or "clicks" into place? Since youre machining it, I cant find one anywhere?
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    Well after a few days of using this skin I have come to the conclusion the skin is to close to the side of the keyboard, especially with one hand operation. They left a little room on the top part but not along the sides, it's right against the keys. I am tempted to trim it out a little. I wonder if the seidio one is this close fitting.
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    I just got the Treo 650 skin/battery cover kit from Seidio today which has the battery cover with a reset hole in it and the skin to match. It's great, and if you're going to buy a skin, you might as well get this one, or else you'll find yourself having to remove the skin every so often to get to the reset button.

    As far as the skin, it's much tighter than other one's I've tried and isn't as grippy so makes it a little easier to remove from pockets.

    Here's the link with info:
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    Got the 'off white' TC case and white seidio dock. The off white is really a light grey, but is pretty good - cuts are very good, you can see some areas on the top where it looks a little hand done but really not that big of a deal - and the front looks nearly perfect. Keys are easy to use through the panel, cutouts are the right size and it fits perfectly in the Seidio dock (and matches too ) I got the adapter to allow the dock to charge through the wall too, good for near your bed or something when you're not next to a computer.

    I havent figured out where to put the lanyard yet - lol! It came w/ 2 of them though.

    Here are some pics (sorry the 'overhead' one is blurry - the flash was bouncing off the metal )
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