I am trying to hotsync my wife's treo 600 in windows XP. Followed all troubleshooting directions on P1 Website already. Windows xp recognizes and installs the P1 usb driver as expected on a clean install of the lastest palmdesktop from P1. But when I press the hotsync button on the cable or on the treo screen, XP "clunks" in recognition of the device trying to communicate with the laptop, but palmdesktop never opens for the sync.
-Performed "warm" reset of Treo
-Used the USB utility that is supposed to cleanup the registry for remants of earlier hotsync installations (Had a treo 300 installed prior)
-Checked 'UNI' files for files to remove as per P1 troubleshooting.
-Completed advanced troubleshooting on P1.
-Does anyone think there is a conflict caused by my installation of treo 650 sync software in a different XP profile?
-Any suggestions?