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    Has anyone here ever had a problem with a screen PROTECTOR? I just had my 650 stop responding to screen taps after I put on a new screen protector. The protectors weren't specifically designed for the 650, but I had one on my 600 and it worked fine. I ended up doing a hard reset because I couldn't figure out what was wrong. As a last ditch effort, I tried removing the screen protector and "Shazaam!", it works perfectly again. I've owned about 15 PDAs in my life and have never had that happen before. Anyone else???
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    I had the same exact iisue with a generic screen protector I bought from BestBuy. the problem was resolved when I used the screen protector that came with my 650. I bought additional ones from P1.
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    I just tried a Fellowes brand one that I got for my Jornada a few years back and it worked great. I liked the thickness of the first one better (didn't get scratched up as easily), but I'll have to make due with this for now.
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    I gave up on screen protectors. I can never get a "perfect" clarity through them. On the 600, that was fine because the screen was crap, but on the 650 I just cant get anything that looks good (and I've tried bundles of em.)

    I guess if I ever bork the screen I'll just have to accidentally drop it in the tub and call the Sprint insurance guy.
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    as i mentioned earlier, I use the P1 screen protector the one that came in the box with the phone, it is crystal clear (I am very picky)
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    That's funny! I didn't even know there was one in the box until you mentioned it. I'm notorious for not opening the documentation that comes with my electronic gadgets. Who needs manuals anyway? Guess I have an extra screen protector now!!
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    How many of you were put off by having to cut your own screen protector to size? The generic, multi-app one included in the box was a hoot to cut out.

    I ordered some from the TC store, which are supposed to be sized and even reusable. I'll post when they show up and I have a chance to use them.

    But, I really need to find a version of RecoEcho or maybe Jot; I became very proficient at Graffiti, and so I used my stylus on the face of my 300 much more than I ever used the keyboard (with the predictable results; two wear patches where I made letters and numbers). Going back to on-screen Graffiti would be a much better test. I should have used protectors back then; I'll never go without them on my 650.
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