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    I've noticed that the so-called standard DOC file for the Palm OS seems to come in 2 flavors... there is the .PDB and .PRC formats. Not all DOC readers recognize both, or so it seems.

    Can someone help clarify this for me? I've been playing with my IVDx for a few days now and have tried a few different readers like cSpotRun and AportisDoc. Each application recognizes different files. Is it me or am I missing something here???

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    Like many other members, I'm looking for a good word processor type app for my BVDx. I've got an unregistered version of QED, but I'm not sure I like the program (buttons are a bit strange). I do, however, like the compatibility with MSWord.

    I want something that can easily transfer MSWord docs back and forth as well as be compatible with either the upcoming Stowaway keyboard or the GoType. Any suggestions...
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    Sorry MarkEagle - meant to post new topic, not a reply. I apoligize...
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    I think you just have to know which type of document file you are installing. I don't know the details, but apparently there is some type information within a PDB file that apps look at to determine whether they can read the file or not. There is a standard Palm Doc format that most Doc readers recognize, and some readers have their own format as well, like RichReader and iSilo. Many other apps also have their own PDB format. So I'm guessing that doc readers scan the device for PDBs and list the ones whose type they recognize. Hope that helps.
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    Clear as mud...

    Still baffles me. I have cSpotRun and iSiloFree loaded along with 3 DOCs. iSilo opens all 3; cSpotRun only 1. All 3 are .PDB's.

    I guess it's a case of when is a DOC not a DOC???

    My search continues...

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    As I understand things, there is a setting in all data files that determines the "owner" of that file. At least that is what the folks at TealPoint Software say. They include an option within TealDoc to set ownership. That said, it does not stop most of them from showing up in iSilo's list of available DOC files.

    I have found that the web clippings I make with iSiloWeb are only visible to iSilo; and some of the custom TealDoc files do not show-up in iSilo. I conclude that there must be another field embedded in a file that exclusively flags it as belonging to a particular app.
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    Check out DBExplorer (from PalmGear) to see the Creator (Owner?) tags.

    To add to the above post: I think I read somewhere that ISilo changes the ownership over to ISilo sometimes. Most of ISilo's documents appear as .prc's, which means that when you do a "command I" (/I) or /d you see them listed separately as files. For many applications, the size in the listing is actually the "pdb" and the "prc" together. You can only delete them inside the application, or with help from another tool like DBEXplorer or BeamBox...
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    Actually, ISilo documents are still PDBs, but they have a creator ID for ISilo. ISilo documents can contain hyperlinks, images, tables... basically, HTML. So these documents are not readable from normal DOC readers like CSpotRun. I believe that ISilo also does a higher compression on its documents.


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