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    Does anyone know of a program (i.e. voice recording) that would record a phone conversation? For example, while someone is giving me directions over the phone. Or does any of the voice recoding program work with the speaker phone?

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    I know you could do this on the Treo 600 using various VR apps like Audacity etc. However the limitation was that they audio had to be recorded via the speakerphone or via Sedio 2 in 1 headset since there was no direct access to the audio feed from the OS, I am not sure this is the same case with the Treo 650....
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    I haven't found anything that really handles this well.

    I have mvoice and the only way to do it is as gfunk mentioned. You have to wait until you are connected to the other person, turn on speakerphone, and hit a button to turn on the recorder. When it does, it goes to mvoice's recording screen. You can't go back to the phone active call screen or it will stop the recording. So you finish your conversation and then stop the recording/hang up.

    So if you are recording directions or something simple like that, it would work with mvoice, but with the limitations listed above.

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