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    On my old phone (not a pda) I had a program called mobitv. While it really sucked, I thought there might be a better solution for my new treo 650. Any low cost solutions out there? I want to get my football games like I used to.
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    MobiTV is on the way to the Treo.
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    Kinoma player can also stream video in it's proprietary format. I'm not sure which streaming formats are supported in ver 3 though. Also the latest beta of MMplayer also supported streaming mgp.

    Finally, the Treo 650 comes integrated with 3GPP support which is an industry wide supported sreaming format for mpg in quicktime format. Thus, if you can find and 3GPP streams, the 650 should be able to play them...

    Also, the problem with MobiTV is that is a java based app which means you have to install the J2ME pluggin for the 650 which hasn't been released yet. (Some have reported that the T600 java pluggin works on the 650, but there is supposed to be a 650-optimized version to be released soon)...
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