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    Just throwing this out here, so if it is already common knowledge don't flame me. I just got off the phone with Jabra support and was told they manufacture a special version of the 250 headset for Palmone because the regular off the shelf Jabra 250 doesn't work well with the 650. I was told the date code is the only way to distinguish between the two. Regular 250 date code is 2 numbers and one letter, 650 version is 2 numbers and 2 letters and only available from palmone.

    First I've heard of this and there were a lot of complaints about this headset and volume issues.

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    I bought mine on ebay and it was a regular BT250 and it works fine on mine.
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    You might have bought someone's free 250 from Palmone. Does your date code near the microphone have 2 numbers and 2 letters? Hoping this support guy at Jabra isn't talking out his a**, he also told me the new Jabra sp100 speaker phone works flawlessly with the 650. I'm about to order one.
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    I work in tech support, that said, I know some folks in support will say anything BS to get you off their back if they don't have a resolution. Da#$ shame..but true.
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    I had originally asked about compatibility with the SP100 speaker phone. Thats when he said he wanted to check with a few other techs, due to the fact that they had to make a special 650 version of the 250 headset for palmone, he wanted to see if the SP100 had the same issues. I got both my 250 headsets from Palmone and they work ok. Supposedly the SP100 is compatible.
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    My wife and I both have the jabra 250. Mine came from Best Buy, hers came from amazon. Both work fine, except for the low volume issue that has been discussed in other threads.

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    I am on my second Jabra 250 that were purchase from PalmOne. Neither work well... lots of noise and crackle. Totally unnacceptable... and this was the version of the product "tuned" to work with the 650. I don't think so....
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    Why are we having this issue at all. Shouldn't the conversation with tech support have gone a little more along these lines?
    "Hello, thanks for calling PalmOne. My name's *****. How can I help you?"
    "Well, I was just wondering if I could get an explanation, and satisfactory resolution to the incredibly crappy Bluetooth reception on my new, $600.00 phone."
    "You're having a problem with your Bluetooth?"
    "Yes, *****, and you damn well know it. When are you guys going to fix it, because quitte frankly, I am a little more than pissed off!"
    The conversation would go on from there, constantly holding the guy's feet to the fire. Everyone else with this phone would do the same thing, and eventually, P1 would get a fix out for the damn thing. I know there are a ton of other issues out there, but BT works on ever other phone it's put in. It's ridiculous that we needed an app to fix this issue. If P1 liscensed the damn technology then they should be able to make it work. LG made it work for Christ's sake!!!!
    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread, it just really pisses me off.
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    Amen, i am very shocked that Palm1 treats their most loyal customers this way. The fact is, this type of behavior will mean a exidos by their customer when a decent equivalent competing phone comes along. And Palm will go out of business.

    Funny thing is that all that would be different if they would simply acknowledge the problems and say they are working on a fix. We all know they monitor TreoCentral, but yet they stay silent.
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    Code on mine is 27C
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    I have a BT 250 and it is very crackly when I use it around the office. In the car or outdoors it works great.
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    I use my old BT200 and it works great except for the snap, crackle, pop around 2.4ghz wifi.
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    PalmOne is at it again... trying to make money while limiting our choice... the Jabra headset they sell is the BT250, but it identifies itself to the Treo650 in such a way that it knows it was made for P1. Even though the BT250 supports handsfree, it won't work unless it's the P1 version. P1 needs to give us the choice to buy the Jabra BT250 from them or someone else and unlock the features for all BT250s. Or, someone needs to put out a patch to do this for them.
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    Does amazon sell the p1 version? Looks like 3182WW might be it but can't find a part number on the P1 site to compare. Anybody know what the part # is for the p1 model?
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    I picked up the SP2100 and it does work well. I'll post a full review after I've used it a bit more.
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