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    I have figured out how to download zip files and everything to the computer, but I am having trouble transferring some of these applications to the Visor. Specifically, I am having trouble with Omniremote. I follow all of the instructions, all the way to the HotSync, where the icons tell me that Omniremote is being loaded to the Visor. When it is done, though, I can't find it on the Visor. It's not under Unfiled at the main menu, and it doesn't even show up under a search. Most of the files I have been successul in transferring were "prc" files, whatever tha means, but Omniremote is a "pdb" file. Any reason why this isn't working?? My 15 day trial period is on the clock! Thanks for any advice.
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    Search "OmniRemote" at PalmGear leads to the following two results. I think the "pdb" file you downloaded may be the first one. The OmniRemote program is a "prc" file.

    Tv Uni-remote 1.3

    This is an Omniremote database which has over 80 IR codes for 131 major TV brands. If you lost your remote and don't have the money to buy a $30 Universal Remote just to sit on the couch and flip ...


    Support for Palm III internal IR, 3Com's OS3.0 upgrade card IR or OmniRemote's external IR module. Completely configurable UI means ...

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    When I loaded OmniRemote, there were 2 files, a .prc and .pdb. The .prc was the program itself and the .pdb were the various pre-installed templates for various devices such as a CD player, VCR, TV, etc. Unfortunately, without the .prc, the .pdb is pretty useless. Check again for .prc when you unzip it. It should be there somewhere.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks to everyone for their help. There was in fact a second file labeled .prc that I had not noticed when I unzipped. I successfully downloaded the program, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the assistance.

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