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    Hello all,

    PocketCraft Software has just released its new major upgrade

    to Facer Launcher 2.

    Upgrade now to Facer 2.5 (latest 2.5.2). Here are just some

    of it's enhancements:

    - Greatly improved speed and performance.
    - Graphical scrollbars has been revamped and scrolling

    through applications and Today Page items are now much

    - You can use Category Tabs on launcher page now
    - Memory card support has been re-written! It will handle

    multiple memory card easily, and handle Tungsten T5 memory

    - Assign web links in your favorite bar
    - And much more!!!

    Find out now at

    In the latest release of Facer 2.5.2, we have...

    -Fixed d-pad support on Treo (on menu)
    -Add theme compatibility testing, hi-res theme will not work

    on low-res device, visa-versa
    -theme will be moved to memory card correctly
    -Fixed: cannot revert to default theme
    -Fixed: Hide 'hidden' apps properly
    -Fixed: World Clock issue on tungsten device
    - Other miscellaneous bug fixes

    All Facer users are encouraged to download this latest

    update, especially Facer 1 users.

    For more information on Facer Launcher, please visit

    PocketCraft's website at or e-mail us at

    Thank you.

    Meriza Anna
    PocketCraft Software
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    WHERE are all the themes for v2???

    I'd love to create themes for it but I'm on a Mac and the software they have available for compiling themes is PeeCee only. Anyone out there willing to compile a couple for me?


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