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    When I fired up my computer this morning my hard drive crashed. Someone from Dell will be in tomorrow to replace it, but I'm concerned about rebuilding the synch connection between it and my 650. When I reload the Palm software is there anything special I'll need to keep in mind?
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    Good ol' dell and crashed hard drives. Had 3 go bad in a laptop. No, reinstall the sync software, and the palm should sync ur desktop up with everything it has, and you ought to be all set.
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    Thanks, guess I'll quit stressing and see what happens tomorrow.
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    Finally got to setting up Hotsynch, and everything works except Outlook. I've been through all the troubleshooting stuff and kind figure out why it doesn't work. Actually, it seems to be working because I get several messages in the synch log indicating that certain things couldn't synch (mulit-day repeting appointments), but I've tried adding new notes, appointments, and contacts on both my 650 and the desktop and they don't synch over to the other device. Any ideas?
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    I think I figured it out. Outlook is synching to the palm apps ok, it just isn't getting into Beyond Contacts. I probably need to install BC software on my desktop

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