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    I've tried chatter and i liked it. but i wanted a pop solution. I am demoing out to poll my yahoo account every minute and forward an sms to my phone which is pretty cool. I'm using treohelper which takes that sms and launches a fetch on versamail that is included on the 650. Everything works perfectly except versamail turns the screen on during fetches. I'd like to keep the screen off to conserve battery and from distraction. any ideas?

    btw, this solution is pretty slik. Versaforward has filters on what to forwards which is nice.
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    Mine doesn't turn the screen on.
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    Oh, wait. You are doing a manual sync? Yeah, that will turn the screen on. If you can wait a few minutes, set it to automatically sync and it won't turn the screen on. BTW, I think this is a result of the way TreoHelper calls Versamail.
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    yes, maual sync only when there's mail. auto sync would drain the battery faster if I polled every 5 min.
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    I just loaded up Treohelper. Versamail is launching and attempting to fetch on receiving the SMS. However it seems that the keyguard is not allowing it to fetch. Any solutions other than disabling keyguard?
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    keyguard doesn't seem to stop mine from fetching. i'm just not getting background fetching.
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    When you say "background fetching" do you mean fetching without the screen coming on? If so- my screen comes on as well. However the keyguard pops up in front of the fetching box and is preventing the fetch. Does your keyguard pop up too?
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    yes my screeen pops up. screenguard is there, but does not prevent it from fetching.

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