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    I love ny new BVD, even downloaded a couple of e-books. They have a .PDB extention, and my Doc reader
    will not recognize them. They (PDB files) don't even show up anywhere, yet I know they are there. What
    do I need to read these files?

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    You will need to go back to where you got the ebooks and find out what kind of reader they were made for. Every PDB file has a particular .PRC file it was made for. You will need to find the right doc reader in order to see your ebooks.

    Rick Bailey
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    You can use DB Explorer to look at the system characteristics of the file, like the Palm OS creator tag. The DBExp and Explorer, and even BeamBox, or DBDelete help you look at files that don't normally appear in the system /delete or /info.

    In personally like DBExplorer...files for MobileDB for example, show up as Mdb1, and TealInfo Folios as TlLf. Be careful though, because although the program lets you do helpful things like back up prc and pdb not normally marked for backup, you also have the possibility of deleting apps and leaving their db's in memory.

    ...also, get ISilo, freeware version or normal, I believe you'll be able to read the docs afterwards. It can read many Palm documents.

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