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    I read the boards regularly and haven't seen anything like this, so here goes...

    I have had my Treo 650 since the end of November. Yesterday (12/21) a strange thing started happening. My screen has started to automatically dim after about 30 seconds. I haven't added any new apps or changed any settings for at least a week. My partner also has a 650 and his does not do this.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone think of any apps that might be causing this? I know there are 3rd party apps out there for the screen, but I don't have any installed. I don't see anything in the book. I have searched all preferences, and I can't seem to find anything.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all

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    Yeah, me too.


    I can't find anywhere to fix this, plus it's new, so...
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    Mine to! Its a strange problem! This phone is getting me scared .
    I will take legal action if this phone is a lemmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Each day more and more problems are being posted.Who did the design on
    this phone?Screen,sound,memory,keyboard,looping,whats next?
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    Mine started doing that - same as you, hadn't added any new apps....soft reset fixed it, and problem hasn't shown up again (@ 2 weeks)
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    I think mine only dims when making a call. I'll have to watch it carefully. Is this part of KBlights or TreoHelper? Has Sprint done some kind of over the air up date?
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    mine does it too....i dont understand a lot of 'features' of this phone....i am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of responsiveness of the green and red phone keys...i am trying to see if any of the apps i have are affecting them in any way b/c they just don't seem like they respond quickly.

    anyways....sorry for my rant....with respect to the dimming issue...i havent been able to replicate it, nor have i timed how long it takes to kick in, but i remember a few times that the screen just dimmed on its own....i was used to this with BrightCam, so i didnt think much about it, but it dawned on me recently that i dont have brightcam on the 650. the dimming is a nice feature, wherever its coming from, b/c it helps with battery life... i would just like to know what's doing it. i have treoguard and kblights installed....among other things...the plot thickens...
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    I have noticed the same behavior on my 650 ... ramdon dimming of the screen. Not frequent enough to bother me but I have noticed it on several occasions.
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    I experienced this for the first time today. mine dimmed and I had to adjust Brightness to get it back to norm. strange.
    Shasta (Treo 650)
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    mine started this 3 days ago. i've had the phone since sprint released them. i was reading something on memo, and the screen went dim after a couple of seconds. i turned the screen off and back on...still dim. soft reset. back.

    but this is the screen going to die soon...?
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    mine does this too when I'm watching a video in mplayer.
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    I am also now just starting to experience this for the first time. Soft reset does not change it. Could it be when the battery power falls below a certain level?
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    Started for me today as well. This was the first time. It dims at about 10 seconds of inactivity. VERY annoying. A soft reset seems to have fixed it. The only system functions I modified prior to the dimming was to increase the auto-off time from 1 to 2 minutes and change the action button settings for the volume keys using TreoGuard. Hmmm...
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    I find that the screen automatically dims when the battery is low. Not quite sure what level it kicks but it sure is annoying.
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    Does anyone have a fix for this screen dimming issue yet? Please post. Thanks.
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    I have seen the screen dimming.

    I believe it occurs (or it did my case) when the unit gets to hot. I had my 650 in a Vaja case, was charging the battery and surfing the internet. My 650 was warm to the touch. I took the unit out of the case it cooled down. Everything seemed to return to normal.

    Just my thoughts.

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    I had it start just this morning. A soft reset seemed to fix it. Wierd that it started for everyone at the same time.
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    I am seeing the same thing with mine right now. It just started a few minutes ago, so I searched the site for others with this issue. I am in the middle of charging and doing a lot of surfing with mine right now, so the heat thing is a possible factor. I did a soft reset to check that out, and it clearly came on brighter for the first few seconds of the reset screen, then dimmed again while still reseting.

    Something I haven't seen mentioned is that while in this dim state, the control > right shift, manual, screen-dimming method turns the screen entirely OFF (!), not to the dimmer level that it would normally toggle to. It seems the phone is already in the dimmer mode, and this takes it down to the next notch of no backlight at all.

    After letting my 650 sit for a few minutes with no activity, but still charging, it is back to normal brightness (for now).

    EDITED: Found this:
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    This is Kevin from palmOne. Though there could be other factors of which I'm unaware,
    under normal circumstances the screen dims after 15 seconds and when a call lasts longer than one minute, the screen turns off. This was implemented to save battery power.

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    Kevin Michaels
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    Thanks for the reply!

    The behavior I was describing was not while on a phone call. I was browsing the web using Blazer. The screen did behave in a manner similar to the way it does during a phone call though. Perhaps the screen got stuck in some sort of phone mode?
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    Mine just started recently as well. Maybe i've ignored it since Thanksgiving but i swear i just noticed it as of last week. I've always known about the screen shutting off after 1 minute while on a call but this 15sec thing is news to me.
    Sorry guys, I actually like my 650, that's b/c i'm coming from a Samsung I-500....
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