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    My 650 has just started dimming as well. Got mine about the same time as everyone else - Thanksgiving. I notice mine is dimmed the most when its been idle for a while and I go to turn it back on. I usually hit the email button to turn it back on and when I hit it now after the 650 has been off for a while, the screen and keyboard do not come back on at their original brightness. For me, an interesting thing is I can hit the 5 way up or down and the screen and keyboard come right back to the original brightness. I've also noticed that if I turn it off and back on within a few seconds, the screen comes back to the normal brightness level. My problem just started happening all of a sudden yesterday, 1/19 - two months to the day of when I ordered it. I've tried a soft reset which did not seem to make any difference.
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    Rather that whine like the rest of the group, I'd like to say this is a pretty nice feature - especially if you're in the car at night. I suspect though, that the screen never really turns off, as I can still barely see the on screen buttons. Now if only the keyboard could be set to dim as well.......

    but otoh, what do I know? My 650 hasn't had as much as a burp since I've had it. No resets, no peculiar behavior (except the known issues - headset jack, BT volume, sound quality etc. that plague all the 650s) and it is a great palm device that also doubles as a phone....

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Michaels

    This is Kevin from palmOne. Though there could be other factors of which I'm unaware,
    under normal circumstances the screen dims after 15 seconds and when a call lasts longer than one minute, the screen turns off. This was implemented to save battery power.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tyler

    Thanks for the reply!

    The behavior I was describing was not while on a phone call. I was browsing the web using Blazer. The screen did behave in a manner similar to the way it does during a phone call though. Perhaps the screen got stuck in some sort of phone mode?
    Same here. I think this is a great feature for the phone and it works flawlessly. But, the same screen dimming while trying to read an ebook or look through my contacts, etc... this is not helpful to me. I've had this problem occur on only 2 occasions and both times fixed it with a soft reset. If anyone tracks down the origin (definitely strange that everyone started noticing it around the same time...) I'd be interested to hear about it!
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    This is annoying because now when I press the option & shift key the screen would dim to that dimmed level. Now it shuts off. Maybe it's Treo guard...
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    I suspect it is a third party program that's causing the problems. I only get the dimming in the phone mode - but I have no programs installed that would affect lighting......

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    Has anyone resolved this issue....mine dims slightly when inactive, then during phone mode, as explained by Kevin @ Palm, sometimes this would be good...but during some functions this is really annoying.

    Why does Palm not give us a preference to set, so we can delay or shut off the dimming?...I'm all for saving battery power, but I'd also like to not have to fumble to get the screen back to normal and turn the app off, or hang up on a call, etc....I'm a big boy, I can see the phone charge Icon on the screen, I know how to plug it in or replace a battery, could I be responsible for keeping the lights on in my own house if I want? (bad metaphor).

    If anyone has a 3rd party app to control the display setings they can recommend please forward...otherwise....

    Hey Palm, just another item to add to the patch I'm sure you'll have out REAL SOON.

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    The shift-option button sequence will dim/brighten the screen again. For those that are complaining, have you tried shift-option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meandean
    This phone is getting me scared .
    I will take legal action if this phone is a lemmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Better call Johnny Cochran. I got a list of fruit for you.
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    I think I know what might cause this.

    For those of you with this problem, were you charging your battery and was the battery cover noticeably warm?

    Also, look on your battery for the "type" number. Does it end in -00 or -01?

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    It must be some third-party software creating this problem. I had the same issue for a few weeks but now it has gone away. Unfortunately I add and subtract software fairly regularly so I cannot tell you which piece created the problem. All I can say is I had no screen dimming, then screen dimming, and back to no screen dimming all without changing any hardware.

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    Of course I've tried shift option - according to Palm guy earlier in this thread, this is NORMAL function of the screen ...but it's still annoying to be in the middle of an app, and have the screen dim, or in a call and go black after a short period, and when you hit the phone button, 'cause you're distractred from yackin' at someone, and then you disconnect the call...I guess it'll just take some getting used to, but it would have been nice if PALM simply had given the option to PREFERENCE the display/dimming/powering down.

    I was hoping I was just not familiar enough (only had the device a few days now) that this really was preferenced, but cannot find the answer in any other threads either...seems like this was standardized by size fits all theory....OR...I'll hope for a third party app (probably will make something else buggy) to control these settings.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The only time the screen dims by design is in the phone app.

    I believe batteries that get too hot get the electronics too hot, which causes the screen to dim.

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    Thanks for the info...
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    Quote Originally Posted by VetPsychWars
    I think I know what might cause this.

    For those of you with this problem, were you charging your battery and was the battery cover noticeably warm?

    Also, look on your battery for the "type" number. Does it end in -00 or -01?

    I've noticed a few times when I have used it for a while and the back is warm that the screen dims, and then after a few seconds it goes back to normal. I think it is a feature to cool its self down when someone has been on it for awhile.
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    Screen dimming has nothing to do with how much charge is left in the batteries or how warm battery gets. My screen has been dimming since day 1 even on full charge. So has anyone figure out how to stop the screen from dimming? When I use the treo as a gps unit I need to see the screen and the screen dimming is a problem at night.
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    I noticed the screen dimming last week on my phone...but this week it's gone!
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    My screen dims also. Now I hve this problem where it will dim and will not "wake up".
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    I'm having a a similar problem. Since day 1 my Treo is been dimming by half percent of my current setting after 15 seconds or so. But today it wasn't the dimming, the backlight turned off. Then I moved the bright bar to almost 30% and the light came back. However, if I go lower than 30 percent the screen backlight turns off. Very strange. I did a hard reset and tested with nothing in it and it still could not recovered.

    I'm going to see how things go this week.

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    I think it's a safety feature. iwas on sprint users forum and some people were reporting the same problem with the audiovox 6601.
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    It's a GOD DAMN SHAME is what this is. I didn't ask for this feature to be sneaked in without my approval or notice. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEONE SNEAKED INTO YOUR HOME AND DIM YOUR LIGHTS WHILE READING?

    P1 and Sprint need to stop with these unacceptable stealth updates. EITHER REMOVE IT, GIVE US AN OPTION TO DISABLE or take this phone and #@!$##@ and return my money!

    Geez! I feel just like the baby two messages above!!!!
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