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    That title may sound confusing but what I mean is, Is there a download that when loaded into the default calendar/date book has the major holidays? (Christmas, Easter, Veteran's Day, etc.)
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    at they have an app called "days off". it has all the federal holidays, and will add them to your datebook. do a search in the calendar software catagory.
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    I don't know what PC users can do, but on the Mac software package there's a folder called "Holidays" with a series of files you can import into your Palm Desktop software: US holidays, Christian holidays, Jewish holidays, etc. Then you hot-sync them into your Visor. It's not a great system, because you can't pick and choose the holidays you want to load so you have to go through manually and delete the ones you don't want. But if you're willing to put up with that, it works.
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    Do you have a web site where you can post these files? (pref. in .pdb or .prc format)
    They don't seem to be available on the Windows portion of the CD, and I don't have a Mac handy.
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    If you sync to MS Outlook, you can insert the holidays in Outlook, then sync. In outlook go to Tools/Options then push the Calendar Options button. Under Calendar Options hit Add Holidays... NExt sync and you have the Holidays of choice on your Visor.


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