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    First a little background. I am looking at upgrading from my "dumb" phone to a new "smart" phone. I have never had any type of smart phone so I am very green when it comes to features. I am currently on the Verizon network and have a contract through the spring of 2005.

    From the research I have done, the Treo is a more attractive device for my needs than any other model (Blackberry, etc). However, I really do not know what the big differences are between the new 650 and the 600, and if it is really worth waiting until Verizon releases their 650 to purchase a Treo.

    For a person as green as myself in the smart phone world. Can someone explain the differences between the two models? Also, as I have no prior experiences with a smart phone, will the 600 suffice, or, because of the new features, does it really make sense to wait for the 650 to be released by Verizon? Whenever that will be!!

    Thanks for your help.
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    HITime, in terms of the core functionality there is not a huge difference. The 650 is just a more polished version of the 600. I recently upgraded m 600 to a 650 and as a gadget freak it has been cool, but on the practical side there is not a lot of key new functionality. The things about the 650 I find the biggest additions are the faster chip (esp. for web), more dense screen resolution, and better camera. For the average user, these differences are not huge.

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    I agree wth Scott's comments. But as they say inthe computer world. Get the best your money can buy now.

    My personal opinion, get the 650! You won't be sorry!!!

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    Go with the 650 that way the upgrade bug won’t hit in a month or so... The 650's screen is 100X better than the 600's. The 650 is faster on the web, the 650 has Docs-2-Go, the 650 has a better keyboard layout and the keyboard light up like a Christmas tree.... I hated the 600 keyboard...

    The 650 has Bluetooth and the SD card sits in the 650 much better than the 600 did.... Did I mention that the 650's screen blows the 600's out of the water????

    Many other reasons to go with the 650 but I think those are my main reasons...
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    Thanks for all the great feedback. Sounds like it's best to wait for Verizon to introduce the 650...whenever that will be!
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    You might want to chance getting the 600 now and hopefully, if you need a replacement, you'll get a 650. VZW did that with the Kyocera 7135 -- after 3 replacements, customers received a new Treo 600.

    I'm on my 4th Treo now because of the SMS bug and fully expect to get a new 650 as a replacement when they finally release it.

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