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    Hi there,

    One of things that was wrong with one of my 5 T600s was the case would crackle cause of poor build. Everytime that you you press the plastic it would depress. Now the batter cover has the same issue on my 650. Anyone know of a fix for this, I find it very annoying, not the end of the world, but just would like to see if there is an easy fix.


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    Same problem here. Very annoying. But easy to fix. Just go to Staples or Office Depot and buy Velcro and put it on the inside back of the battery cover. Mine has a solid feel with no crackle.
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    I fixed mine with 4 of the little round adhesive felt pads (Home Depot) that you use on the bottom of things to prevent them scratching your furniture. What was nice about these was that I was able to specifically place individual pads whereever the cover was the "mushiest"
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    Where on the inside back, right opposite the balck padding??
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    Yeah, I have mine on both sides of the original black padding. And another tiny one on the top of the black padding.
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    Shadow boxer, could you specifiy where you placed the felt things and what thickness you bought, or at least what size they penny, dime, smaller...



    PS Love the homemade remedies, like it would have been that hard for palm to have done something more....
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    Any one else have any remedies or the same issue?

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