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    Hey everyone!

    I need to get enough software synced into my visor real fast that will be helpful to my company. I am pitching the use in our business to the owners next weekend! My corporate manager thinks they are a good idea. I need working versions (hopefully shareware or freeware at first) of these types of programs for a retail store.

    A database like excel
    Some sort of a spreadsheet
    Doc reader
    addtional connectivity items that can be shared through infra-red beaming.

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    Umm . . . a database like Excel?!?

    There are at least three Excel compatible Palm apps . . . but I'm not yet a believer that speatsheets really work all that well on the Visor (it's a form factor thing . . . the screen is just too small). The one that I can remember looking at was Quicksheet.

    For a relational database, investigate HanDBase and ThinkDB. I'm checking these out for applications at work too. HanDBase is nice due to the reference databases available for free, and the support of InstallBuddy (which will greatly simply the distribution of databases off the network to the Visor). This latter support is critical if you plan to deploy Palm apps to the unwashed masses at work.

    ThinkDB is a more recent release, and I've seen user claims that it is faster and easier to use. I haven't even downloaded it yet for evaluation . . . and probably won't if I'm satisfied with HanDBase.

    For publishing a database (i.e. no data entry), I'm partial to TealInfo (strictly as an end user - I've no idea what it would take to produce a folio).

    For a workplace DOC _reader_, I think that iSilo is your best choice. With iSiloWeb, it converts web-based documentation with the formatting intact (fonts, links, etc.). It also compresses stuff, so the size of a doc is less of an issue. However, for editing DOC files on a Visor, your choices are limited to SmartDOC and QED (I'm not positive of the name of the last one).

    As to IR data transfer, I'm not planning on using it to sync data. I'll rely on convetional syncing at the desktop; and probably use scripts to pull data file(s) from the backup directory, through a converter (to CSV), and append to the daily batch file on the network.

    Let me know how things go with you.

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    For additional connectivity you might look at Beam Books ( or WeSync ( Beam Books will allow you to collaboratively edit books and then sync them by IR. WeSync will let you share schedule and contact information over the web.
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    I might show them the "file link" feature of the Hotsync program. Using that, you can insure that all Palm/Visor users have the most up to date data.

    You can use it to send daily memos and corporate addresses.

    You could use it to keep track of a customer list (via an address book catagory), which might change periodically.

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