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    After many weeks of troubleshooting, soft- and hard-resetting, I think it's time for me to see about getting a replacement for my Treo 650 (which I purchased from Sprint).

    Before I start down what I sure will be a hassle-filled path, I just wanted to check to see if anyone has already been there/done that.

    I'd rather have them send me a unit to swap, but thus far the email support from Sprint tells me to take it to a local store to swap (which would mean I'd have to interact with the moron employees face-to-face. And moreover, I wonder if my local Sprint store even has any T650's in stock to swap...)

    Thanks for your thoughts...
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    The Treo 650 I received from the roadshow promotion was DOA. (speaker did not work). Local Sprint store swapped it out no problem, no hassles.
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    I swapped my sound deprived treo 650 for another through Sprint. The local stores are affiliates and have no control over what is sent to them and they don't stock treo 650s. No problem, they sent me the phone, I returned the one I had.

    Unfortunately. . . I have the same sound quality problem with the second phone and am now waiting for the THIRD phone to be swapped.

    Is there some kind of class action suit we can bring against Sprint for knowingly selling problem phones?
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    I'm taking my 1 week old 650 to the local Sprint store today to swap. Dead "P" key and an annoying "buzzing" when the phone rings or when mp3's play.

    $650 for a device, you'd think they'd QA these things first!
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    i walked into the sprint store and demanded the one they had in stock and i got it. woot!
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    Had mixed results. Went into one store in West Palm Beach, FL (just outside the Wellington Mall) and did not have a good experience. They said that they would order a replacement (they had 2 in stock but refused to give me 1 of those because they were for new customers ) and it would take around 2 weeks. Well, passed the 2 week mark and still waiting.

    Decided to try the Sprint store here in Jacksonville and they gave me a replacement. Very nice customer service and a big difference compared to the store in WPB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by demoflauchy
    $650 for a device, you'd think they'd QA these things first!
    This is what the Sprint users are for. We beta'd the 600, and now the 650. I am wondering if I should just sell the 650 when I get it and keep the 600 as their appear to be a lot of QA issues with the 650, and the replacement 600 I got is much better than the original 600 I had (better speakerphone, camera, and overall feel). I thought switching manufacturers was supposed to address the QA problems with the Treo's, guess the manufacturer may not have been the problem, or the new one is just as bad.
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    My beam send/receive flat out didn't work, the red charging light stayed on regardless of status and the voice recording quality sux. I did NOT have problems with other end voice quality and now I'm scared that if I opt for the replacement phone, I may experience the same reported problems with voice quality that others are having.

    Decisions Decision...the ability to beam and receive or guarenteed good voice quality.

    Itsa gamble, what would you do?

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    Purchased a treo650 off ebay "brand new". Could not unlock it to activate on my sprintpcs account. I took it to a local spint store to have them look at it. Ultimately I walked out with a new 650....

    That's my story
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    well the sprint store in tallahasse refused to swap out my defective treo. I argued w/ P1 they sent me a new one and a label. I sent the old one back. that was weeks ago!
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    I went to sprint this morning to return my treo 650 which had a defective headset jack. Apparently anytime I would try to play music or watch a dvd the sound would get distorted so I finally isolated the problem to the headset jack and not the two different headphones and adapters I tried. In either case, called sprint, they said go to a sprint repair center. I head to one near my job here in manhattan and was told that the phone was two new for them to just give me another one. They're saving the new ones for customers.

    They then told me to contact palmone since I purchased it from their website. Needless to say i was annoyed but called palmone and presto I have a new phone on the way. I was going to give another spint center a try around where I live as they have always been willing to replace a defective phone and recently replaced my wack treo 600. But fortunately palmone stepped up.

    I guess it all depends on the sprint store you go to which is sad to say. The policy should be the same every where. They should always be willing to replace a defective phone. I don't neccessarily expect them to give me a brand new phone they have in stock for sale to new customers. But I do expect that they order me a replacement. Just my two cents.

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