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    Does the combination of TextPlus and Docs to Go work for others?

    TextPlus 5.5 and Docs to Go 7.003

    TextPlus works fine is enabled for all applications and all applications are checked. It works fine in every other application but nothing shows up in Docs to Go.

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    Does it work for you in STG? I cannot get it to work in WTG.
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    It doesn't work with any of the Docs to Go apps as far as I can tell but the DataViz people swear it works. They calim there's a problem with VersaMail but I have Verizon phone so don't have VersaMail.
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    First of all, the most updated version of TextPlus is 5.6--that may be the issue. But the other issue may be if you're running DTG from the SD card. I'm doing so and cannot get TextPlus to work. I don't have enough internal memory on my 650 to see if it works from there! If anyone can verify if this is the issue, I would appreciate it...
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    No, 5.6 will not solve it. I've been through a long tech support with both DataViz and SmartCell. Dataviz insists it is not their problem and SmartCell insists that it's a Dataviz problem. That was 2 weeks ago. Now SmartCell refuses to respond. I suggest that everyone email SmartCell to report this incompatibility. Please email 'SmartCell Technology Support' at and make some noise. Here is my last correspondence with them:

    Hard reset and installed only TP and DTG. There is a bug in TP (5.5 and 5.6), which is this:

    In WTG, TP will NOT function at all if the TP option "show list after" is set to anything other than 1. In other words it will NOT work if "show list after" is set to 2-5. Set it to 1 and it works fine. After restoring my device it did not work at all regardless of "show list after."

    They had suggested this:

    Would it be possible for you to backup all data, then hard reset and install only TextPlus and DTG. This way we should find out if there is any third party application that caused this problem?

    You may want to try that and see what you get. I did it three times, then installed many of my apps one by one and could not find the conflict. Acutally, I could get TP and DTG to work, but only very sporadically. There is definitely a problem with TP. I do not think it is DTG. After a restore with BUM the problem resumed. So I emailed Smartcell again last week and they haven't replied.

    Been going through this for a while with them. Hereís another comment from them:

    We are still looking at this problem as we have verified TextPlus works with v7.003. The only feature that does not work is the "double tap" feature.

    So it appears they might be acknowledging a problem, but itís not very clear from the whole correspondence. Email them!
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    I now have it working on a Treo 600 with TextPlus 5.6 and Docs to Go 7.003.
    As mentioned earlier this ONLY works if Docs to Go is in memory. i had moved most of it to SD card previously to save main memory and was getting no response from TextPlus. Reloaded in memory and it now works fine. I suggested they add this to their tech support info page since they didn't seem to know about it.

    Of course those of us (especially 650 users) who want to clear space now need to decine to use TextPlus in Words to Go or forget it and get more memory available. Another case where Palm's SD card is not a solution.
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    I have the same configuration: TextPlus 5.6 and Docs to Go 7.003 in main memory. Does not work for me.
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    I have extPlus Anywhere Options set to Enable and all apps.
    I also went to textPlus Options -> Application prefs and did a check all.
    Working on in Word documents on a Treo 600.

    My updated Docs to Go won't run Excel or slideshow because previous version exits error message.

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