As many, I'm waiting for the Treo 650 to be released by Cingular. My one question is whether purchasing a one from Cingular is better than an unlocked version from PalmOne, barring the portability of the unlocked version.

With the Treo 600, did Cingular include customizations that were worth buying from them? Or were the customizations worthless?

I've been using a Sony-Ericsson T237 to test the GSM network where I travel. I'm somewhat upset with how Cingular lays out the MEdiaNet WAP, such as to use the bookmarks from MEdiaNet you have to download a couple of pages to do so. Not being on one of the MEdiaNet plans (yet), that adds up.

Is it worth paying extra for the unlocked version? I may only need to change the sim card only a few times if ever.