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    Is anyone else getting error code 3000 which says "data is not available in this area". I live in miami, if there isnt data in a city with 2.5 million people we have a problem. i called sprint and they said it isnt the phone, that its most likely network congestion. I just wanted to see if he was talking bs or not. this is the third day in a row i get the error and they are telling me the same thing. it worked yesterday at work though and the lady tells me maybe the tower by my office is better than at my home, even though, my house and office are 3 miles apart in the same zip code.
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    ok now im really pissed, i reactivated my sanyo 8100 on another line, it surfs just fine. what is up with this.
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    Keep calling spring and get tech services. Eventually you'll get a techie that actually knows what he's doing. I had the same problem and it took me about 4 tries and it turned out to be simple coding that needed input.
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    still nothing. this is unbeliveable. i havent had any voice problems like other people to have to return the treo but i think im going to have to for this. i even took it to a sprint store and its still not fixed.

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