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    As I understand it:

    A HotSync only backs up your databases, but not your applications (i.e. if I lose my data, I'll lose all the games/configs, applications, etc...).

    The backup module does a full image, so if I restore from the module then I get everything, including my preferences and my applications.

    What is BackupBuddy? Is it a program that works like the backup module? I tried doing a websearch, but I couldn't seem to find it, not even at PalmGearHQ.

    Since I have a PC and can HotSync frequently, it seems to be a program would be just as acceptable as the backup module. Of course, if it costs the same, then I'd just go with the module...


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    I'm surprised you did not find it at PalmGear...I'm sure that's where I got my first copy. In any case, go right to the horse's mouth at:

    I really love the program. I have seen a one or two freeware programs that claim to do the same thing as backupbuddy but I have not heard anything about them.

    All I can say is that BackupBuddy has save my life [read: info] more than a few times. It's well worth the investment.

    Rick Bailey
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    Now to think, $30 for backup buddy, or $40 for backup module...

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    Take a look at an app called BackupAll. I've never seen BackupBuddy, but BackupAll will back up everything, and it's free. No frills, but it does the job!

    Mark N.
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    That reminds me. One of BackupBuddy's main feature is that you can select which programs to backup (do you really need all of your Avantgo data backed up?). It has a Windows interface. The free software will probably be fine if you're not concerned with backing up just certain programs.

    Rick Bailey

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