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    Happy Holidays Everybody!!!
    I have a Motorola V60g that has a cool feature. When I dial a number that is busy it gives me the option to redial until it gets a connection. My 600 only dials once then I have to press it again and again and again and (you get the picture)...
    Is there any utility out there that will do this for my 600?

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    Auto redial on busy is a very good idea. I second the motion...
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    Me third!
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    Mine has always asked me if I want to redial if I call a # that's busy!
    T750 w/Cingular
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    Hey Miller, mine does too... However it just redials right then and there based on your response and if it's still busy it presents you with the same question again and again and again each time it hits the busy signal. Not so handy... especially when you're busy and/or driving.

    What Alan suggests is a true auto redial... it asks you if you want to auto redial and if you say yes, then it keeps trying until it gets a ringing signal. You only need to tell it once.
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    Makes sense I suppose...
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Big_OTR_Fan... That's exactly what I was talking about!!

    Any developers out there?

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    No one out there has looked into this?
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    I guess we are the only ones who like this feature... too bad I thought it was a good one.
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    I think we all would love it, we just don't know how to design an app to make it happen.
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    I hear you...
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    I wonder if there is a switch based service that provides auto redial on Busy?
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    "switch based service"???

    What does that mean? Are you talking about carrier specific features?
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    Has anyone thoght of anyway to do this?

    Just curious

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    TakePhone v6.50 has an auto redial on busy.
    T750 w/Cingular
    Black Jawbone
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    Quote Originally Posted by alanderego
    "switch based service"???

    What does that mean? Are you talking about carrier specific features?
    Sorry... I guess my previous career of 22 years in POTS with a TELCO must seem rather ancient...

    There was a time when there were no switch based services when your phone calls were connected or switched by STEP BY STEP Central Office equipment. As hybrid software controlled/electro-mechanical switching was developed we rolled out touchtone dialing, call forwarding, 3-way calling, conference calling and other Central Office or switching center based services. When the ESS #5 and the fully digital DMS100 switch was introduced, wonderful vertical services such as call waiting, caller ID, remote call forwarding, voice mail and many other "switch based services/features" were introduced.

    Carrier specific features seems like a foreign term to someone who "grew up" in a monopoly based telephone system prior to the digital revolution.

    Funny thing is, now as the owner of two restaurant franchises, I'm stilll involved with POTS... the ones on the stoves
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    Guys, in case you aren't aware, I've started a poll going.

    "Would you like an Auto-Redial app?":
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