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    I got a Treo 600 2 days ago from the US (brand new). I'm in Canada.

    I pulled the stylus out this morning, and the side of the casing cracked, and it is sooo tough to get the stylus out and in now. I went crazy.

    My this unit under warranty in Canada?

    If so, what will they do to fix this?

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    If you bought on ebay most likely not. If you bought from a retailer, yes. Phone Palmone. If they know that your Palm was bought on eBay they will be less likely to help you.
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    Darn, I just called palmOne, and this was the outcome:

    They said that I could fax a proof of purchase to her and it would be covered under warranty. The problem is, is that I don't think this seller is a reseller, although his name was
    'Michigan Wireless Plus'..we'll have to see on that one..

    Otherwise, it would cost approx. $235 just for the back cover to be replaced - thats insane.

    I emailed the seller to ask if he could come up with an invoice.

    If no luck there, I may have to go to the much higher ups. I write for a technology website, so maybe if I told the higher ups that I may get better service..I mean, I've had almost every Palm handheld..I should get better service than this - we all should!

    Any ideas guys?


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the lady said that this unit was covered under warranty still..I dont want them to replace this phone, because it's unlocked...
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    UPDATE: Solved. Palm is sending me another unlocked Treo..
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    Dude, you're lying. Anyone who reads posts on this board knows that Palm does not provide any kind of customer satisfaction or support. You are pulling our legs.

    Seriously though, glad you got a new phone.

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