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    Hey guys,
    I'm pretty new to this, so apologies in advance. I installed MMPlayer to my treo 650 but when i try to open it, i get the following message:

    "Unable to inititalize MMPlayerLib, probably due to insufficient memory. Please free some internal memory and try again."

    This seems strange to me because I downloaded this to my SD card which shows 970.5 MB free. Also, my internal memory shows free space of 13.7MB of 23.7MB. I also thought since I put the program on my SD card that my internal memory would not matter. Help? Thanks.

    Also, I don't have Zlauncher or Powerrun. Do I need either of these programs to run off my SD card?
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    It sounds to me like you have installed all three files onto the SD Card. If I am not mistaken, you can't install all the files to the SD Card (unless you are using a third party utility like a launcher or PowerRun, etc).

    Now, without any other software you CAN install the file MMPlayerGUI to the SD card, but the other two files (MMPlayerLib.prc and MMMidiInstr.pdb) need to go in RAM.

    Your skin files can also go on the card.

    Also, to answer your thoughts on RAM not mattering when you install applications to the SD card; If you install a file to the SDCard that is 100k, and you want to run it, you will need at least 100k free in RAM. What happens when you run an application from SD Card is that it is temporarily copied to the RAM, executed and then copied back to the SDCard when you are done with the application.

    So, in short, you will always need at least as much free RAM as the largest program you have on your SD Card.
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    Thanks a lot Matty. That's some really helpful advice. I'm going to delete MM Player off the SD card. Ok, I just installed Zlauncher and I don't know how to even delete a program now. Ouch. Well, assuming I can delete MM Player with Zlauncher and then reinstall all the files onto the SD card using Zlauncher (again assuming I can figure out Zlauncher), I should be ok. Thanks.
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    I had that same problem with that message on my 650 and I had it all on my SD card using Zlauncher. The only way I could fix that was a soft reset. Have you found out the fix? I have a lot of free memory in my RAM so I don't understand. Also, I have found that MMPlayer often freezes up on my Treo 650 and if I try to fast forward in a film with the slider it loses the audio. Any help? Is this common?
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    bump. This started up again and now even a soft reset won't fix it! I have 6.4M (27%) free on my main memory!
    Well, it isn't perfect and it makes me crazy, but I still do love my Treo!
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