If all goes well, my Treo 650 will arrive from Amazon tomorrow. I'm wondering about the best way to activate it.

I already have two sprint phones on one business account with add-a-phone. Both lines are out of contract.

The best situation would be that I could redeem both the amazon and sprint rebates AND keep my current number.

My preference would be to be able to keep my number and get the rebates. Second best would be to somehow have my wife's phone change numbers (she doesn't mind) and keep my number on the new phone. Third preference would be to just activate a new plan with a new number.

When I got my last phone, I activated it with a new number and then cancelled with 15 days (no penalty) and moved my number to my new phone. I didn't get the rebate of course. Could I do something similar and get the rebate?

What's the best way to do this so I get the rebates?