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    I know that one of the umpteen uses I'll find for my Visor is downloading and reading documents, books, etc. I don't think I'll spend much time creating docs, but I will read them.

    There seems to be a ton of 'em out there and it's hard to know which is the best. I downloaded QExpress GT and it seems to be fine, but it probably could be better. I'm having a tough time trying to figure out how to place bookmarks, for example.

    So, for the casual reader, which is the best document reader?

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    I had asked the same question and got recomendations for every doc reader. I ended up trying TealDoc and Isilo. Then keeping and registering TealDoc, and deleting Isilo. Easy to use, very straight forward. I have many docs in my Visor and no longer mind standing in line for something when I can enjoy reading whatever I'm in the mood for.
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    I got my Visor yesterday (yay!) and have so far tried out the following:

    iSilo Free - Good if you want to store html in a format that the Palm can read. You can download a free converter that will convert: html, txt, jpeg, gif, and bmp to iSilo format. I haven't tried converting images yet...but web pages come out satisfactory.

    SmartDoc - The only advantage this has is that you can edit the text, so for eBooks and stuff you really wouldn't need it.

    TealDoc - Straightforward doc reader that has very good bookmarking and supports images within the document. Most everyone uses it.

    If you want to go with just one I'd say go with TealDoc (As long as its just for reading), but personally I'm just going to keep all 4 installed.

    -Matthew Nichols
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    Cspotrun, is what I use. The price is unbeatable. Free.
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    Until the new eBook standard is widely supported, understand that you will probably need more than one reader.

    For example, you will need the PeanutReader if you want to view their content - - that is pretty much all it is good for; but their content is some of the best available . . . You do have to pay for their content, but the reader is free.

    If you are happy with older works, you can save some money, and convert Project Gutenberg files to DOC file format.
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    I agree with LennyV. I use CSpotRun. It was one of the first apps I downloaded for my visor, and it's the only one (of several) that I haven't deleted. I like it because it is simple, compact, and of course, free.

    The portrait/landscape feature for viewing documents in either configuration is great.

    I also looked at Peanut Reader and Aportis. While these have some more features, I didn't like the implementation as much. I suppose Peanut would be useful to create your own content, which I eventually intend to do, but for just reading, I'd stick with CSpotRun.
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    Personally, I have found SmartDoc and iSilo to be worth the money.
    SmartDoc reads all the usual docs and I like being able to alter them on my Palm. I use iSilo to download web pages (I hardly ever use AvantGo anymore.

    Also EasyDocViewer is great on the desktop and PalmDocs makes the fifty or sixty bucks for DocstoGo seem rediculous).
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    Ahhhh... so many choices... so little time...

    I've tried 'em all, too. cSpotRun, iSilo, and PeanutReader are currently installed on my IDx. I've come to notice, however, that there are two (at least) DOC formats (besides the proprietary ones like PeanutReader's) and not all these DOC readers support them.

    For example, the DOC's I open in cSpotRun DO NOT open in iSilo and vice-versa. Of course, maybe I'm doing something wrong here, but I can't seem to figure out what.

    IMHO, cSpotRun suits my needs best at the moment... love the rotating display and auto-scroll.

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!

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