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    I want to sell my existing 600 and get a 650.

    I have a great plan with sprint.

    2 treos
    2 separate lines
    2 insurance coverageís
    2 unlimited data
    2 biz connections
    2000 shared minutes
    $110 / month (this is a very plan that they don't offer anymore)

    so I donít want to get a new plan or more importantly new numbers.

    So where is the best deal on getting a new 650 without having to sign up for a new plan?


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    come on.

    Someone please can you recommend the best way to upgrade?


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    you dont have many options really. Buy the phone outright or add a third line to you account for $20 more. ( i have the same plan as you but I only pay $92)
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    There is no upgrade plan/path for ?

    If I buy the phone outright I will loose my cell number right?

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    if you have had your current ph 18mos then u qualify for a $150 upgrade rebate/contract extension. You can buy a phone outright and just activate it on your account. Like from compusa or something. Do an equipment swap. Then sell your 600 on ebay or something to recoup some of your cost. Thats what I did.
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    I have had the 600 since April.


    Maybe i can upgrade my wifes treo 300..


    do you have the link for sprint upgrade program?

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    So I just checked and my other phone the one my wife uses I can use the rebate

    but a few questions

    Eligibility Information To receive rebate customer must:
    Sign up and remain on a $35 or higher monthly Sprint PCS Service Plan
    Renew a one or two year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement
    Sprint PCS Phone must remain active for a minimum of 30 days
    If purchasing a Vision Handset you must sign up for a Vision Service Plan.
    Have an account in good standing

    What about the "Renew a one or two year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement"... What does that mean?
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    If your wife has had her phone for more than 18 months, she does qualify for the upgrade. You must order directly from Sprint or go to one of their stores. Make sure you have a vision package -- sometimes it's not included on the 2nd line (I found out the hard way and I'm dealing with sprint on it) If not, it's 5 bucks more a month and you don't need to change your plan (we have a similar plan and they can't pry it away from us). Perhaps if you've had your phone for a year you MAY be able to get $100. Not sure. They also have a buyback program for some phones (but you'll get more for the 600 on E Bay)
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    My phone is a 600 with Vision and was purchased in Nov 2003
    Her phone is a 300 that we purchased over 18 months ago.

    I just checked the Sprint website and it said that she was eligable.

    The question that I have is about the following two lines

    Sign up and remain on a $35 or higher monthly Sprint PCS Service Plan
    Renew a one or two year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement

    Does this mean I sign a new contract? And as such does this require a one year or a two year contract?

    I discovered I can get an upgrade on her treo 300 by doing the warranty/broken flip thing in the store to the 600. I wonder if I can do a warranty/upgrade at the store at the same time?

    this way she can get the 600 and I can upgrade to the 650?

    Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauleknight
    Renew a one or two year Sprint PCS Advantage Agreement
    Seems pretty self-explanatory. To get the full $150 rebate, you need to renew your 2-year agreement.

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