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    Can anyone suggest a good software program to import lotus notes calendaring into my Visor?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated......
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    Rather than posting the same information over, I suggest that you use this forum's search capability (look to the upper right of the page) and use the keywords "Lotus Notes."
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    You can use Lotus EasySync and sync directly with Lotus Notes as opposed to syncing with the Palm Desktop or Outlook.

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    Intellisync by Puma Technologies is what I use to sync to both Lotus and Outlook, and it's great! Cost is $69, but I believe purchasing the full version of EasySync 3.0 is around the same, and EasySync is a) not as versatile (only works with Notes) and b) tied to working on only one computer (you can sync to multiple computers if you use Intellisync).

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