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    It seems that the only option is to d/l the email header or specify the amount of bytes. I would like to d/l the entire message w/o attachments like you can do with 3.0 of Versamail.
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    In the "rules" section, choose "message text." I believe this downloads everything but the attachments.
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    I don't believe that's an option, only "Headers Only", "Entire Message", or some size in between in kilobytes.
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    PabloTX is correct. (btw, Versamail 3.0 works the way Minsc describes above.)

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    Actually if we take the latest version of snappermail as our reference point (Enterprise, then Minsc is correct. In "rules" you would select snappermail to receive "message text." This should download the whole message exluding any atachments.
  6. #6 Premier Edition does not have the option. According to their website, the only thing Enterprise has that Premier doesn't is IMAP support. I'd find it hard to believe that they would leave this off the Premier edition.

    I'll email them and find out what they say.
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    Here's the response I received:

    I think it's not a difference between Premier and Enterprise but a
    difference between POP3 and IMAP. I use the Enterprise edition, and the
    "Message text" option is in the IMAP account rules but not the POP3
    account rules.

    Early versions of SnapperMail had this option for POP3 accounts, but
    the only way to do this on a POP3 account is to quickly disconnect from and
    reconnect to the server when SnapperMail reaches the boundary between
    the message and the attachment. We found that a number of POP3 servers lock the user out for 15-30 minutes after this type of disconnection, so we removed the option.

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