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    After many many hints and outright campaigning I am fairly confident that Santa (aka my wife) will bring me a brand new Treo 650 for XMAS!! But after reading these posts I am concerned. Here are a list of my questions and perhaps someone can easy my fears:

    Is sound quality issue really that big of an issue? I work in sales and send alot of time on the phone so it's important that this feature works. Has it been resolved?

    I've read several post complaining about the memory issues, I'm not a "power users" will this impact me? I have at the most 250 contacts.

    I currently have a Palm Vx handheld and I'm running Palm Desktop 3.1, will I have any problems transferring my data to to the 650?

    Finally, I love BT. I have BT250. I haven't heard any problems with BT application just differences about which headset works best....any further insights?

    Sorry for the long post, but this will be my 10th phone so it has to work for a long time bc wifey won't let me have new one for at lest 3yrs (I had to sign a contract)

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    To get full info, I suggest you search this forum on each of the topics, lots of info on all of them. But since I have been being a pain all night to others, time to be nice! Here is the reader's digest version:

    *Sound quality a HUGE issue for many users, not an issue at all for some. You just need to call a lot of people in a lot of situations (Car, resturant, office, street noise, etc) and see how you sound to them. For many the reports range from "in a tunnel soundint" to "digitized" to "not understandable at all." If you have these problems there is a fix that can be done, look on the board for the details or visit

    *Memory will probably be a problem for you eventually as you find more and more neat things to add to the 650, but may not be critical for you if you get one of the programs that make it easy to move files to the SD card. Again search the board, some like Powerlauncher, some like Zlauncher or others.

    *I had no problem beaming contacts, memos and apps from my 300 to the 650. Can't speak to Vx but be careful. Read the sticky post on the issue of upgrading from the 600 to the 650. Depending on how 3.1 names its files, you could have a similar problem. To be on the safe side, I installed the 650 on a totally different computer than the one I had been syncing my 300 with.

    *Lots of viewpoints on the BT headsets. Some say there are static problems with some of them (I think including the 250) and volume problems with others. Search your specific headsets to see all the posts.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the info and insight. I have a few less fears--bring on christmas morning


    Ps thanks for being nice

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