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    he cries over $2.00 in ebay fee's. what a loser, i would never do business with someone who treats their customers like that.
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    Great place to do business with, fast shipping thanks AAAAA++++++
    Buyer cutkos ( 10) Dec-21-04 22:12 5736902197

    A+++++ transaction. Speedy delivery, great product, great seller! A++++
    Buyer nicapinoy ( 18) Dec-21-04 21:43 5735513510
    <snip -kr>
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    The $2.00 is not the issue!
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    Comment From Date / Time Item #

    As promised. Thanks!
    Buyer wricheykc ( 29) Dec-21-04 19:34 5738208086
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    Comment From Date / Time Item #

    Great, thanks!
    Buyer buyercello ( 13) Dec-21-04 11:39 5737735886
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    Do not post all those posts with your feedback. Put in a link.
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    Personally, I dont care how many wonderful comments you choose to post here Dan. The bottom line is that all customers deserve to be treated fairly; without them, you wouldnt have a business.

    And to think you have the nerve to post the good comments, try posting the bad ones as well. Matter of fact, since you now seem to have so much time on your hands, (guess you've beat the xmas rush), try cleaning up the misleading site you have that sent father and son down the wrong path to begin with.

    You want them to be the blame because you have something listed in the WRONG category. I guess you'd think the fact that its listed wrong is their fault too.

    After all your blah blah blah, do you ever admit to just being WRONG?
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    This issue is about being a mature enough person to amit you made a error! We are always happy to help out! We are all humans here and only God knows I am far from perfect! BUT I stand behind my CS 100%! Please go spread some holiday cheer!
    25,000 feedback and 99 negs? Kinda speaks for itself!

    Once again Happy Holidays!
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    Yes, everyone spread the cheer and have a jolly holiday. This thread is done.
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